Thursday, December 5, 2013

Dr. Jeffrey Nelson (Music Director and Orchestral Conductor)

The musical process for theater is always both a challenge and a very rewarding process.  Some cast members have a lot of experience and some of them have never been in a musical and/or a show with an orchestra.  It's a privilege and honor to guide the musical process and see how much satisfaction all members get along the way.  

The most enjoyable part for me is usually in the last few weeks before opening night.  The orchestra, chorus and cast have worked out a lot of the individual details and then it's time for them to get stitched together so that it's seamless.  When it is, then you can really see the creativity of each person come out no matter how large or small their role is.  A true transformation!  As for the orchestra, it amazes me how many very talented people we have in our community that dedicate so much of their time to this work.  I have a job where every person I work with is truly a joy to be around...a real blessing to me!

Dr. J has had the pleasure of being involved as the conductor or musical director at IT! since 2006 with Big River, Little Women, Beauty and the Beast, Man of La Mancha and the 2010 version of Grease.

The motto he strives to live by is: "Live Wisely, Love Well and Serve Greatly."