Thursday, March 29, 2012

Camelot Continues through April 15

Don't miss out on this show that has received standing ovations for all of their performances so far.  Tickets are available by phone 530-642-0404 or at the door.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Camelot Opens This Friday

Contact the box office for tickets at 530-642-0404 or  Make your reservations today.

Vocal Ranges for THE SECRET GARDEN

Mary Lennox: female mezzo 8 to 12 lead

Archibald Craven: male tenor 35 to 45 lead

Colin Craven: male soprano 8 to 12 lead

Lily Craven: female soprano 26 to 39 supporting

Dr. Neville Craven: male baritone 25 to 40 supporting

Martha: female mezzo 18 to 30 supporting. is also Mrs. Holmes

Dickon: male tenor 16 to 28 supporting

Ben Weatherstaff: male tenor 40 to 65 supporting

Mrs. Medlock: female spoken 30 to 45 supporting

Mrs. Winthrop: female spoken 30 to 50 cameo is played by Ayah.


*Rose Lennox: female mezzo 21 to 35 supporting

*Albert Lennox: male tenor 30 to 45 supporting

*Ayah: female alto 21-50 supporting is also Mrs. Winthrop

*Fakir: male tenor 25 to 40 supporting

*Lieutenant Ian Shaw: male tenor 18-34 cameo Photographer

*Alice: female soprano 21 to 35 cameo

*Major Holmes: male bass 32 to 48 cameo

*Lieutenant Peter Wright: male baritone 18 to 34 cameo

* Mrs. Holmes: female mezzo 24- 32 is played by Martha

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Camelot Crowns

It is not often that we take a behind the scenes look at our productions.  There is much that goes into the set, props, costumes, lighting, and sound.  It is quite an accomplishment to bring many gifts together to bring a play to life.  This is just a small detail with the crowns for our upcoming production,  Camelot.  Click here to read more about their design and the time (and patience) it took to make them start to finish.