Friday, December 6, 2013

Dennis Murry (Javert)

Dennis says “Of all of the shows I’ve ever wanted to do, Les Miserables ranks as Number One.  Then to be cast as Inspector Javert has to be almost every actors dream role come true. I realize I have some pretty big shoes to fill but I commit to everyone that attends the production I will give it 110% every show.”

He can’t say enough about the cast and crew of the show. They are all just awesome. Dennis is a director, writer and veteran actor with lead roles in shows such as Chess, Jesus Christ Superstar, Peter Pan, Paint Your Wagon, and many more.  If you saw the IT! production of Dracula you might remember the crazed, bug eating mental patient named Renfield.  Yes, he’s now Inspector Javert.  Dennis also played the Villain at the Coloma Theater for many years which is where he first met his wife, on stage of course.  Dennis’ favorite line in the show is Javert proclaiming “I AM the Law!”