Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Q & A with Adeline Penn - Props Mistress for SouthFork Confessions

Q:  What challenge pulled you into working as Props Mistress on this original musical?
A: I enjoy being part of the process of bringing the director’s vision to life. The devil can truly be in the details, particularly if it is a period piece. Finding just the right prop is like a treasure hunt!

Q: Working on props in SouthFork also means being on stage and performing with the actors.  What’s is like doing back stage and on stage work in the same show?
A: Having had this experience in Quilters, I would say I enjoy it immensely. While I truly enjoy working backstage, I will admit to having a bit of the onstage bug. Also, working both on and off stage makes Southfork  truly an “ensemble” show in a deeper sense than is usually done.

Q: Tell us about your background and what brings you to Imagination Theater!
A: I have been entranced by theater since I was old enough to sit up, sit still (that was the hardest part) and watch. My personal experience both on and off stage includes junior and high school productions, a BA in theater arts, work in a few professional settings, and wearing a number of hats in a couple of community theaters.

Q:  What is the craziest prop you’ve ever had to find and manage?
A:  Hmmm…. Serving food hot enough for the audience to see the steam rising but the actors could actually eat.  Or making sure the fireworks on stage didn’t set any actors or the set on fire.  And I still love that bloody basket of body parts that had to look fresh. Deliciously gruesome!

Q:  What part of the process do you enjoy the most in working on a production?
A:  The process itself. Watching the disparate parts that make a show come together and to life - along with the people that devote themselves to this process is fascinating. Occasionally, the process can be a tad tortuous, but, oh, the glorious moment when the curtain goes up!

Q:  If you were to hang your motto for being in theater on the green room wall, what would it say?

A:  It would be “Ever Hopeful ”(interpret as you wish). For the theater it would be “Be True.” Be true to the vision, be true to the job you are doing on and/or off stage, be true to the people you are working with.   And be truly in the moment so that moment is the best that it can be for yourself and for the audience.