Sunday, February 12, 2017

Meet Sean Conley-Widing, Lighting Designer for SouthFork Confessions

1.  Designing and preparing lighting for any show takes time. What special challenges will there be for you in SouthFork, IT's first original musical?
This show has a different flow to the story that is more transitional in the telling than the other shows I have designed.  It will be a challenge to express that transition throughout both acts creating the tone the actors need for the telling of this story.  

2.  What shows have you designed that are memorable for you?
I have only recently been designing the lights for shows here at Imagination Theater for the last year, so all of the shows I have designed are memorable in their own way - each with its own special requirements and nuances.  For a new designer, the first show is always your most memorable since it is an expression of the directors vision through the skills you have developed either in your education or apprenticeship with the tools you have on hand to bring that show to life.  Without you, the actors are performing their craft in the dark.

3.  What advice would you have for people interested in helping with lights and running lights during a show?  
Sometimes when you are in the booth, it seems that you are disconnected and apart from the show, which is not true.  You are a part in the show - so be a part in the show and make sure you hit all of your queues.  The cast is depending upon you to play your part as much as any other actor on the stage and help make the show a success. 

4.  What other hobbies do you enjoy in your busy life?
My wife and I are members of the Girl Scouts where I teach Boating Safety using Canoes, and I teach Archery.  I volunteer for a number of Veteran organizations and utilize my Information Technology background to assist in web design and computer training.  I am in the process of developing and running a role-playing game for some friends which is going to start in a few weeks. 

5.  You've acted on stage as well as designed. Any other roles in theater you'd like to explore?

Since my first role on-stage in Camelot, I have worked in many of the jobs or roles that can be offered here at Imagination Theater because I want to get the whole Theater Experience.  I will probably not make a good costumer since I do not know my way around a sewing machine.  At sometime in the future, I would like to direct a show - however I do not have anything specific in mind as yet.  I would like to do a more in-depth exploration in Producing where I can utilize my organizational and communication skills not needed on-stage to make a show successful from inception to the final curtain call.  I had the opportunity to be the assistant producer in Deathtrap and loved being on the inside of that production.

To get involved behind the scene in SouthFork Confessions, please contact the theater at 530-642-0404.