Friday, February 3, 2017

Meet Afton Parker, Choreographer for SouthFork Confessions

  1. After a hiatus with Imagination Theater, what brings you back to work on SouthFork?
Mainly, I couldn't pass up an opportunity to work with Chrissie again! I also love helping to develop new theater. The whole process is very exciting to me.

2: Describe the kind of dancing and movement you envision in this production? All the movement will be reminiscent of American Folk Dance with a European influence. The Old West had a rich history of dance as a means of socialization and was therefore very important. Since everyone was an immigrant, all dancing was a derivative from their homeland's traditional dance that was reimagined to fit new music. I plan to capitalize on this idea to develop layers of different types of dance that focuses on the town's communal experience and dynamic.

3: Tell us about your background/training in theater, music and dance?  
I've been training or participating in the theater arts for the better part of 17 years, including voice, speech, dialects, acting, ballet, jazz, theater dance, and tap. I graduated with honors from the American Musical and Dramatic Academy of NYC. I have been fortunate to train under industry greats such as Teri Ralston, Jason Chaet, Markus Potter, and our own Chrissie Addison!

4: In what shows have you performed that are memorable? A few of my most memorable shows thus far have been my NY showcases, The Who's Tommy, and American Legend.

5:  When auditioning for a musical with movement, what advice would you share with others?
Eat a good breakfast, stay hydrated, wear clothes that don't hinder movement, and give it your all! As a choreographer I would much rather have someone with energy and enthusiasm than someone with perfect technique but no charisma.

Auditions are scheduled for April 1 and 2. Go to for further information.