Friday, February 10, 2017

Meet Caitlyn Miller, assistant director for SouthFork Confessions

1. What is it like working on an original musical as an Assistant Director, and have you ever done that before? This is the first time I've worked on an original piece from the ground up. It’s been both educational and fascinating to see how much this project has grown, morphed, and come together since it started.
2. What shows have you been in before playing the Mother in A Christmas Story? I was in a few Gilbert and Sullivan productions in San Francisco with the Lamplighter Opera company. Christmas Story was my first show in Placerville since 2005. Before that I was in Annie, Grease, and A Christmas Carol at IT.
3. What has been the biggest challenge for you in bringing SouthFork to life?The biggest challenge for me so far has been all the bits and pieces I didn't realize it took to put on a show. It never occurred to me how far ahead you have to plan things, like publicity.
4. What is your guiding motto when it comes to directing or being involved in a play? When I direct, I like to help the actors create something they can be proud of. I encourage them to approach their character from every possible angle. You never know what will work best until you try it.
5. What are some of your favorite shows that you have been in?
My favorites were Into the Woods at Sutter Street Theater and Iolanthe in San Francisco for similar reasons. Both shows were fantasy-themed with fun and challenging music. Being in those shows definitely improved me as a musician.

When not at Imagination Theater, Caitlyn runs the Crocker House Creative Arts Center in El Dorado. Caitlyn loves traveling and the outdoors, especially camping, hiking, and kayaking in the mountains. Bonus points for anything out of cellphone range!

Auditions are scheduled April 1 & 2. See the theater blog or website for details.