Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Katherine Okey (Ensemble)

“Hi!  I’m glad, at 34, to have the chance to appear in Les Miserables, because I know what a rare and epic show it is, and that it will be awhile before the performance rights to the show are once again available!  I portray three separate Ensemble characters (A saleswoman named Lisette, a factory worker named Rochelle, and a student helper named Chandelle in our production of Les Miserables.

I have truly enjoyed making new friends at Imagination Theater; I’ll never forget the new friends that I now know via my involvement with the show.  I’ve also had fun creating, naming, and developing all three of the characters that I play...and applying the famous “stage dirt” that makes the Les Mis makeup routine somewhat unique!

I have to admit that creating that internal Les Miserables snowstorm of anger, fear, and sorrow is a true challenge, which can easily test one mentally, emotionally, and physically.  Of course, I also believe that if an actor successfully invests as close to 100% of themselves as possible onstage, they can grow as an actor, and the audience can enjoy the results of their efforts.

Les Miserables is the first Imagination Theater production that I’ve ever been involved with, but I already know that I’ll never forget my experience with this world-famous show, or with the theater staff that gave me the opportunity to appear in the show!”