Friday, February 22, 2013

The Audience Speaks! Run for Your Wife, a FUN farce not to be missed!

"How Dare You. . ." says Stanley Gardner (Chris Celestin)
Last evening was our first visit to your theater (all the way up the hill from Rancho Cordova) and we brought two friends from El Dorado … they needed some laughs … they needed to escape real life for a couple of hours …. And our hearts overflowed as we heard and watched them thoroughly enjoy your show (along with both of us !!)

Carolyn and I enjoyed many plays at the old Stage Door Theater Comedy Playhouse near Arden Fair years ago – Laura Darzell (owner) is still a dear friend we visit occasionally. We saw Run For Your Wife there several times in the 80’s .. Dave Williams (KCRA) played John in those daze …. And we have always placed it as one of the funniest, most complicated, creative, confusing, dysfunctional plays we’ve enjoyed.

Your version is excellent … fun … very delightfully presented … excellent stage set …. precise directing … and actors …. You each did super !!!!! Physical and verbal timing was great …. We’d forgotten some of the details so it was really fun being “surprised” by a twist or two or three (We are getting older). Our friends left laughing … sharing the surprises … and want to come back for more …. And we happily revisited many of the twists on our drive back down the hill.

Thanks for everyone’s hard work …. We know it takes more than the folks on stage to deliver a high quality production.

Thanks again … keep laughing and having fun with this one !!!


John & Carolyn W.