Saturday, February 9, 2013

A Few More Comments about the Les Miserables Auditions

Or, Remember that this show is really an opera so singing is what really counts!

As you select your audition song, here some things to keep in mind…
1. Select a song for your audition that you are very comfortable with and can sing well. The audition panel will primarily be evaluating your singing based on your ability to stay on pitch, your accuracy with the melody, and your ability to project.

2. Since Les Miserables is a sing-through type of show that depends mostly on accurate singing to be a success, your characterization and movement as part of your Les Miserables audition singing is less important than when auditioning for other musicals. In other words, during the Les Miserables auditions, the singing is most important. Don’t spend a lot of energy on characterization and movement as you prepare your audition song. Avoid the trap of attempting to “copy” any performance or characterization you may have already heard or seen. The audition panel will mostly be looking for you to simply sing well and confidently.

3. Even if you want to be considered for more than one of the lead roles you only need to prepare one song from the show. The panel will be able to listen to you sing one song sung by a particular character and determine if you are suitable for other roles as well.

4. We are producing our own show based only upon the script and music we have been provided. Auditioners, and those ultimately cast in show, need to remember that we do not need to spend a lot of energy comparing the various anniversary performances, student productions, original cast albums, karaoke versions of the show, etc. with each other. Of all of these productions, there is not a particular one that is “the right one.” There are only versions that someone may be more familiar with than others. Our production will result from our collective talents and artistic sensibilities, the skills of our orchestra and performers, and the abilities and dedication of our entire creative team.

Enjoy dreaming the dream!

Peter Wolfe, Director