Tuesday, February 5, 2013

BOOK OF MORMON Auditions coming to Sacramento

I am writing to let you know that THE BOOK OF MORMON will be coming to

Sacramento to hold auditions February 8th and 9th by appointment only.

We are looking to build our files for future replacements for all

three companies (Broadway, 1st National Tour, Jumamosi Tour) for the


etc. (See role descriptions below.) We realize that the area has some

fantastic musical and comedy talent, and even though we have some

appointments already scheduled we want to make sure that we are not

missing anyone, and felt that it is important to reach out to the

local theatres, universities and improv groups to make sure no one is

robbed of the opportunity to submit themselves for consideration. We

appreciate you passing this on to anyone you feel might be right. Or

if you have an email list, doing a blast to make actors aware.

Anyone interested in auditioning for any or all of these companies

should submit a picture and resume and any additional materials to

jrichcasting@gmail.com by 5PM Thursday, February 7th 2013. Please

make sure you put the City Name of the audition in the subject line.

Due to the amount of emails we receive, we may not be able to respond

to every submission. Please note that submitting does not guarantee

an appointment. Both Equity and Non Equity should submit.


Producer: Anne Garefino & Scott Rudin

Director: Trey Parker & Casey Nicholaw

Book, Music & Lyrics: Robert Lopez, Matt Stone & Trey Parker

Music Supervisor: Stephen Oremus

Choreographer: Casey Nicholaw

Sacramento Casting Director: Jeremy Rich

Casting Director: Carrie Gardner

ARNOLD CUNNINGHAM (Early 20's-Late 20's to play 18): Caucasian.

Seeking a true character actor. Must be a physical contrast to the

other good looking, All-American Mormons. Dweeby, dorky, nerdy,

overweight, or all four combined. Arnold is a pathological liar but

his heart is in the right place. He is a total screw-up but not for

lack of trying, he always wants to do the right thing. Must be

fantastic comedic actor who sings well. Tenor. We are also

particularly interested in comics who sing.

KEVIN PRICE (Early 20’s-Late 20’s to play 18): Caucasian.

All-American. Very handsome. Head of the class, always optimistic.

Heroic Mormon. Must be a great comedic actor and a fantastic pop-rock

high tenor to a B. Should be at least 5’10 or taller.

NABALUNGI (18- Late 20’s to play 20): Black African. Pretty. Takes the

hardships of her village very seriously and wants to help her people

find a better life. Must have great comic timing. Strong Alto. Belt to

an E.

ELDER MCKINLEY (early 20’s to late 20’s to play 18): Caucasian.

District leader of the Mormon missionaries in Uganda. All- American,

wide-eyed and hopeful. Often struggles to cover his flamboyant

tendencies and adhere to his Mormon morals. Must be a fantastic

comedic actor and great singer. High Baritone who can pop out high

Bb's for comedic effect.

[MAFALA HATIMBI] (40’s): Black African. Father of Nabalungi. Has come

to accept the hardships in the village where they live but is a

discerning community leader and tries to bring joy to their lives.

Must be a great comedic actor and singer. Also interested in actors

who sing.


All-American good looks and physique. Plays several parts from the

perfect picture of a head of a Mormon household, to the stern

missionary president, to Joseph Smith, so must have the ability to be

transformative. Must be a great comedic actor and good singer. High

Baritone to an Ab.

[GENERAL] (Late 20’s to Late 30’s): Black African. The general is a

warlord in Uganda who is terrorizing the local villagers. A physically

threatening and intimidating figure who is a great comedic actor and

singer. Baritone to an F.

[FEMALE AFRICAN VILLAGERS] Late 20’s to late 30’s. Black African.

Seeking great comedic actresses with excellent singing voices.

Seeking Altos, Gospel Sopranos and Gospel Belters of all physical


Jeremy Rich

Casting Director/Consultant

The Book of Mormon

Office: 424-288-4468