Friday, April 7, 2017

SouthFork Cast Announced

Hitch up your wagons!  It's the SouthFork Confessions Cast List

Father - Tom Loeprich
Mr. Pantier - Chris Rimoldi
Mrs. Pantier - Michelle Harwell
Hangman - Marc Bonham
Whore - Christina Crabtree
Minerva - Cassie Weisenberg
Gambler - Jack Rice
Saloon Mistress - Lori Whittle
Black Bart - Evan Taylor
Railroad Man - Ken Pohl
Railroad Wife - Rebecca Monroe
Maid -  Robin Clark
Maid  - Pam Matthews
Sheriff - Joe Grady
Miner - Tim Chapman
Claim Jumper - Gene Duffy
Jehu - Dan Trainor
English Teacher - Paul Bott
Doc Elliott - Bob Steele
Charly Parkhurst - Jan Le Pouvoir
Milliner - Diana Granger

Thanks to all who came out to audition. 

SouthFork Confessions opens in mid-September.  Tickets will be available in May.