Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Meet Chrissie Addison, Director and Co-Writer of SouthFork Confessions

Meet long-time director, actor, and vocal/drama coach Chrissie Addison! Chrissie has co-written and is directing the original musical SouthFork Confessions, which boldly explores themes of love, redemption, and community in a historical Gold Rush setting.

1.    You’ve helped many in the IT community as a vocal/drama coach. Can you tell us more about your theater background?
I first got hooked into a school play in 5th grade. At university I majored in drama & music, which rolled right into a career as a high school drama and music teacher. I’ve been fortunate to have participated in Placerville’s civic theater community as a director, actor, and coach for 37 years now, along with several other community and professional venues.

2.    What are your favorites among shows that you’ve directed or been in and why?
I’ve learned from and enjoyed working on every one! Les Mis was hard to beat for being in the total, immense, group plunge. I also felt empowered to perform for a U.S. President as Lisa Doolittle in My Fair Lady. The show I had the most fun directing was Canterbury Tales. The show that pulled the most heart strings was Quilters. SouthFork Confessions has been the most work, so far, but I think it will top the list in many aspects!!

3.    Is SouthFork Confessions your first original musical, and what kind of challenges did you encounter?   

Yes and yes!  It’s daunting! Writing scenes for school or Sugarloaf was easy. Full length musicals are crazy! Especially the challenge of weaving together the amazing true stories and fates of so many strong characters from a colorful time.  Then the layering – plugging in monologues, comedic aspects, allusions, poetic touches and music. With an original musical, every creative staff member plugs in strongly from music to lights and collaborates effectively with the whole picture. This production will be a showcase of what IT! players can do from scratch!

This show has a creative staff to die for. I’ve learned so much this time around -- sharing the joy and my learning curve with co-author Peter Tyner, an experienced and gifted local writer with much prestige.

4.    What shows are still on your “bucket” list?

I would like to direct Calendar Girls very stylishly with outrageous settings. I’d love to nail a blockbuster My Fair Lady, and co-direct Mamma Mia. I know every inch of Romeo & Juliet and would love that journey, along with a contemporary twist as in Six Women with Brain Death. I still like to walk the boards when a show comes along I love.   

5.    What is your motto when it comes to theater?   

Be kind, be nice, be a little crazy too. Remember, nobody is irreplaceable.

When not doing working on music or drama in her Coaching Studio or at IT!, she collects antiques and will refinish “anything not moving.”  A film buff, she also gardens, practices Tai Chi, and treasures time with family and friends.