Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Imagination Theater to Be Led by a New Board of Directors in 2017

Imagination Theater is changing its legal and administrative structure.  After 17 years of producing more than 50 shows, the Imagination Theater Co-Founders, Peter Wolfe and Lanny Langston, are appointing a new Board of Directors which will assume its management role commencing in January, 2017. This  new Board of Directors will annually elect new officers.  The Imagination Theater governing bylaws are in the final stages of being revised to reflect the new organizational structure and then be properly filed in order to maintain the theater's non-profit, public-benefit status. Peter and Lanny are stepping down from their roles as President and Chief Financial Officer. Imagination Theater's mission statement will remain in place.

The new Board of Directors will be comprised of 10 members, including a President, President-Elect, Vice-President, Artistic Director, Chief Financial Officer/Treasurer, Secretary, House Manager, Marketing Director, and two Members-at-Large. These new directors will serve staggered two-year terms.

Interviews of potential board members are continuing, and some of the positions have been filled.  David Zarka has been selected to be President.  Wayne Campbell will be President-Elect. Peter Wolfe will be Artistic Director.  Maggie Bush has accepted the position of Chief Financial Officer/Treasurer.  Maggie is already transitioning into oversight of the financial operations of the theater. The remaining board positions will be announced in December.

It is anticipated that the new Board of Directors will initially focus on the completion of a Policy and Procedures Manual, and the formation of Artistic, Marketing, and Fund-raising/Sponsorship Committees.

A Theater Reorganization Committee, chaired by Dr. Peter Barba, has ably assisted Lanny and Peter in considering the significant aspects of the reorganization process.  Members of this committee include Lori Whittle, Holly Salvestrin, Anna Salvestrin, Barry Harwell, Maggie Bush, Hanna Bush, Jeff Jackson, Brenda Lindley, Jeff Cameron, David Zarka, and Paul Bott.

The mission of Imagination Theater is to tell good stories well in an atmosphere of Trust, Respect, Personal Growth, and Challenge.