Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Shrek Audition - April 2017

Mark your calendar for April 22  and 23, 2017 for auditions for Shrek, The Musical, directed by Peter Wolfe.  Show dates – Holiday Season 2017  ***Please note earlier audition dates for Fiona.

Based on Shrek’s adventures in the classic book and Oscar-winning film. Joining Shrek on his journey from the swamp to the stage will be his wisecracking sidekick Donkey, Princess Fiona, Lord Farquaad and a chorus of fractured fairy tale creatures.

Imagination Theater Audition Notice
Shrek The Musical
Directed by Peter Wolfe     Choreography by Maggie Bush     Vocal Direction by Jerri Myers

1.  Vocal Requirements for all auditioners:
·         Ensemble Roles.  Auditioners for ensemble roles will be asked to sing a musical theater type song of their choice.  Song choice may be from Shrek or any other show.  Some ensemble auditioners may be asked to sing in a falsetto voice.
·         Young and Teen Fiona.  Auditioners for Young Fiona or Teen Fiona are expected to sing the Young Fiona and Teen Fiona portions of “I Know It’s Today” from the show.
·         Adult Fiona.  Adult Fiona auditioners are expected to prepare 2 vocal pieces from the show: 
(1) The Adult Fiona portion of “I Know It’s Today,” and
(2) “Finale.” Through measure 60.
·         Donkey.  Auditioners for Donkey are expected to sing “Don’t Let Me Go” from the show.
·         Lord Farquaad.  Auditioners for Lord Farquaad will be asked to sing ”What’s Up Duloc?”  The song must be sung while kneeling.
·         Shrek. Auditioners for Shrek will be asked to sing “Who I’d Be.”
·         Voice of the Dragon.  Seeking a soulful, R and B sound.  Please prepare any suitable song.
·         All auditioners are encouraged to become familiar with the melody and lyrics to “Freak Flag.” Memorization of the lyrics is not necessary.
·         Auditioners should bring their accompanying music as an electronic file on a CD, a computer, an Ipad, or on a cell phone. A live accompanist will not be available. A capella singing is not allowed. Lyrics must be memorized. All vocal auditions must be accompanied by a musical backing track that does not include accompanying vocals. Appropriate backing tracks are available on You Tube.
2.  Audition Schedule:
·         All auditions are at Imagination Theater.
o   Wednesday, April 19, 2017; Check-in at 6:00pm. Auditions from 6:30-9:00pm.
o   Bring Theater Resume.  Headshots or Photos optional.
·         Thursday, April 20, 2017; Check-in at 6:00pm. Auditions from 6:30-9:00pm.
·         Bring Theater Resume.  Headshots or Photos optional.
·         Saturday, April 22, 2017; Check-in at 8:30am.
·         Vocal Auditions from 9:00am to Noon.  There will be a lunch break.
·         Dance Auditions from 1:00pm to 2:30pm.
·         Cold Readings from 3:00pm to 5:00pm.
·         Auditioners for all Ensemble Roles, Shrek, Lord Farquaad, Donkey, and Dragon will sing on Saturday morning.
·         Bring Theater Resume.  Headshots or Photos optional.
·         Wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing and suitable dance shoes for all auditions.  Dancing in bare feet or sandals is not allowed. Do not wear heavy boots.
·         Bring water and snacks.
·         Sunday, April 23,2017; 1:00pm to 4:00pm
o    Will include group singing, cold readings, and additional dancing activities

FOR QUESTIONS E-MAIL THE DIRECTOR, Peter at:  pwolfe615@gmail.com

Cast of Characters (in order of appearance)

Shrek (Lead) 16 – Adult ~ Male High Baritone/Tenor
Young Shrek (Cameo)  ~ Male N/A
Young Fiona (Cameo)  ~ Female Alto/Soprano
Mama Ogre (Cameo)t ~ Female Soprano/Alto
Papa Ogre (Cameo) ~ Female Soprano/Alto
Fiona (Lead)  ~ Female Alto/Soprano with high belt
King Harold (Cameo) ~ Male Baritone
Queen Lillian (Cameo) ~ Female Alto with high belt
Guard  ~ Male Acting role
Pinocchio (Lead)~ Male/Female Male with good falsetto voice or Soprano/Alto
White Rabbit (Supporting)  ~ Male/Female Alto/Baritone
Fairy Godmother (Supporting) ~ Male Alto/Soprano
Peter Pan (Supporting) ~ Female Alto with Big Belt
Ugly Duckling, (Supporting) ~ Female Alto or Soprano
Sugar Plum Fairy (Supporting)  ~ Female Alto with high belt
3 Pigs (Supporting)  ~ Male Tenor/Baritone ~ Ability to sing in harmony
3 Blind Mice (Cameo)  ~ Female Alto/Soprano ~ Ability to sing in harmony
Tweedle  ~ Female Alto with high belt
Wolf (Supporting)  ~ Male Alto or Soprano
Humpty Dumpty (Supporting), ~ Female Alto/Soprano
Witch (Supporting) ~ Female Alto/Soprano
Mama Bear (Supporting) t ~ Female Alto/Soprano
Papa Bear (Supporting) ~ Male Baritone
Baby Bear (Supporting)  ~ Male/Female Alto/Soprano
Mad Hatter ~ Male/Female Alto/Soprano/Baritone
Elf (Supporting)  ~ Female Alto/Soprano
Donkey (Lead)  ~ Male/Female High Baritone/Tenor or Alto with high belt
Captain of the Guard  ~ Male Acting role
Farquaad (Lead)  ~ Male High Baritone
Thelonius (Cameo)  ~ Male Acting role
Gingy (Supporting)  ~ Female Alto with Big/High Belt
Greeter  Adult ~ Male/Female N/A
Teen Fiona (Cameo)  ~ Female Alto/Soprano
Fiona (Lead) ~ Female Alto/Soprano with big belt
Dragon (Supporting)  ~ Female Alto with Big Belt
Bluebird (voice) ~ Female Soprano
Pied Piper (Cameo)  ~ Male Acting role
Bishop (Cameo) t ~ Male Acting role
Sign Bearer  Male/Female Acting role
Dwarf (Grumpy)(Cameo)  ~ Male/Female Acting role
Happy People/Mob ~ Male/Female All Voice Types/Dancing
Farquaadʼs Guards  ~ Male and Female Acting/Singing Role
Head Duloc Performer ~ Male/Female Acting/Solo Role
Duloc Performers  ~ Male/Female Singers/Dancers
Forest Creatures ~ Male/Female Acting/Dancing roles
Knights: backup singers (4),  ~ Male Baritone/Tenor
Dancing Rat Tappers ~ Male/Female N/A Good dancers
Choir ~ Male/Female All Voice Types