Monday, September 29, 2014

Help Moving to Indian Creek School Needed for Snow White Show - October 1

The Snow White move to Indian Creek is on!  CalFire and the fairgrounds gave IT approval to enter the fairgrounds to retrieve the materials, props, costumes, set pieces, lighting and sound equipment, etc. that are required to move the production to Indian Creek School.

This is a monstrous undertaking and will require absolutely as many people to help as possible to pull it off!  Rarely does a small community theater attempt to do something this complicated in such a short time... please come help!  Bring everyone who cares about our theater.

The schedule for Wednesday, Oct. 1st. (which cannot be deviated from):

a.  3:00 pm.  All vehicles meet at the south end of the parking lot in front of Rite Aide (County Fair Shopping Center) parking lot. Drivers and helpers will receive assignments from Peter and Lanny regarding what they will remove from the theater and load onto and in the vehicles.

b.  3:20 pm.  Vehicles will caravan in groups of 5 or 6 vehicles to the grass parking lot to the north and rear of the theater.  Vehicles will enter the fairgrounds at the gate by Denny's Restaurant. As vehicles are filled/loaded, they will return to the Rite Aide parking lot prior to the caravan to Indian Creek.

c.  5:30 pm.  Loaded vehicles will caravan to Indian Creek School for unloading and load-in to the Multi-Purpose Room at 6:00 pm.

The rules:
1.  No children under the age of 13 can go on the fairgrounds to assist with loading the vehicles.
2.  No solo vehicles may enter the fairgrounds as part of this effort.
3.  Pedestrians may not enter the fairgrounds.
4.  The times listed above are the only times IT will have access to the facilities.

What resources are needed:
1.  As many pickup trucks, vans, SUVs that are available.  The move will require at least 10 pickup loads in addition to a flatbed truck.  If you can provide a vehicle- just show up at Rite Aide! Those without a suitable vehicle are still encouraged to meet at the Rite Aide parking lot and ride over to the theater in the trucks. 
2.  A MINIMUM of 25 people will be needed to accomplish the loading of the trucks at IT. 
3.  All available adults, teenagers, and younger children are needed from 6:00-9:00pm at Indian Creek to assist with the load-in.
4.  Bring work gloves, back braces, dollies, carts, wagons, bungie cords, rope, etc.

Planning Meeting:  There will be a brief meeting to discuss assignments Tuesday night at Tom's Frosty on Old Placerville Drive at 7:00 pm.  Please attend if you are available.

Remember, we are supposed to be having fun and bringing something worthwhile to the community.  Don't sweat the small stuff!  Thanks to everyone who has worked so hard already to keep IT and Snow White alive through these difficult times!

Peter and Lanny