Monday, April 4, 2016

Ushers Needed for 101 Dalmatians Kids

We always appreciate the support of those who would like to help the theater.  

This list is of what we are looking for an usher to know/do:

• Represent Imagination Theater at its best! Be Professional and Courteous.
• Show up one hour prior to the start of the show - as per the sign-up time.
• Be familiar with the theater and the seating chart.
• Know where the public restrooms are located.
• Dress comfortably; vests and flash lights are available.
• No food or drinks are allowed in the theater with the exception of water.
• Please have the patrons quiet all cell phones.
• Bring any issues to the house manager.
• If you cannot make it, please contact the Box Office (530) 642-0404

Sign up Here

There will be additional training by the House Manager before the show starts.

Thank you for your continuing support of Imagination Theater.