Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Meet Michelle of Lend Me a Tenor (Diana)

Michelle Harwell (Diana)  Lend Me A Tenor is Michelle’s ninth show onstage at Imagination Theater.  Since 2008, she has been seen in the Ensemble of Wizard of Oz, the operatic Armoire in Beauty and the Beast, the obsessively organized Miss Bellamy in Father of the Bride, the mischievous fairy queen Morgan Le Fe in Camelot, the melodious apparition Lily Craven in The Secret Garden, the Ensemble of Les Miserables, the Evil Queen in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and most recently as Winifred Banks in Mary Poppins.  Performing on this particular stage was a family affair as she grew up in this community (you might say it’s “in her blood.”)  Now, Michelle often shares the stage with her three children: Tristan (Tim the Enchanter in Spamalot), Trinity (Mary Lennox in The Secret Garden) and Taryn (Jane Banks in Mary Poppins), and they all consider Imagination Theater their second home.

 Tickets for this lighthearted romp can be purchased online here