Thursday, April 23, 2015

Congrats to the Cast of Mary Poppins!

We know how much courage and preparation it takes to "put yourself out there" and we thank all who came out to audition.  Whether it was your first time or if you're a theater veteran, we appreciate your guts to get on stage and let us get to know you better! 
Mary Poppins- Kate Barba
George Banks- Rick Gaylord
Winfred Banks- Michelle Harwell
Jane Banks- Grace Salvestrin & Taryn Harwell (role is double cast)
Michael Banks- Brenden Carlson & Jayce Kaldunski (role is double cast)
Katie Nanna- Lorrene Baum-Davis
Miss Lark- Dianna Grainger (Also Ensemble)
Admiral Boom- Bob Steele
Mrs. Brill- Karen Wolfe
Robertson Ay- Jack Loeprich (Also a Puppeteer)
Bert- David Zarka
Neleus- Anna Salvestrin
Bank Chairman- Bob Steele
Miss Smythe- Maggie Bush
Von Hussler- Andrew Molinari
Bird Women- Lorraine Baum-Davis
Mrs. Corey- Marsha Myers
Fannie- Maddy Dawson
Annie- Katheryn Carlson
Valentine- Nicole Berry
Teddy Bear- Jeff Jackson
Mr. Punch-Tristan Harwell,
Miss. Andrew- Tamalisa Carlson
John Northbrook- Jeremy Carlson (Also Ensemble)
Queen Victoria- Jennifer Jackson
Chimney Sweeps - Park and Street People, Customers, Pit Chorus, Ect.:
Maggie Bush (Mrs. Smythe in #9, Sweep)
Jeff Jackson, (Sweep, Policemen, Teddy Bear and Bank Clerk)
Jennifer Jackson, (Sweep and Doll)
Holly Salvestrin, (Sweep and Doll)
Anna Salvestrin (Sweep, Also Neleus the Statue in #6)
Hanna Bush (Sweep, and also a statue in #6)
Trinity Harwell (Sweep, and also a statue in #6)
Sarah Allen (Sweep)
Katherine Rivera (Sweep, and clerk in #9)
Nicole Berry (Also a Valentine Doll in #12)
Meg Dockter (Sweep, Also a Toy Soldier in #12)
Elise Borth (Sweep)
Tessa Bush (Sweep, Also a Clown Doll in #12)
Ensemble, Ect.:
Tristan Harwell (Mr. Punch in #12, Clerk in #9)
Russ Eslick (Park Keeper, Clerk in #9)
Dustin Jordon (Also a Toy Solider #12 and Puppeteer)
Carrie Liebrich (Bank Clerk #9 and Puppeteer)
Corrina Leibrich (Puppeteer)
Kathryn Carlson (also Annie ‪#‎10a‬ and Puppeteer)
Maddy Dawson (also Fannie #10a and Puppeteer)
Isabella Degarza (also a Puppeteer)
Willow Paulsen (also a Puppeteer)
Jack Loprich (Robertson Ay, also a Puppeteer)