Saturday, October 18, 2014

Congratulations Spamalot Cast!

We are thankful to all who came out to audition.  It was great to see so many new faces.

King Arthur - Erick Lindley

Sir Robin, 
Guard No.1, Brother Maynard - Jeff Jackson 

Lancelot also French Taunter - Rich Kirlin

Knights of Ni, Concorde - 

Tim the Enchanter, Voice of God, Prince's Father - John Prock

Patsy the horse, Mayor, Drunken Guard - Wayne Campbell

Sir Galahad also Dennis the Mud Gatherer - David Zarka

Sir Bedevere, the Black Knight - Craig Zangari

Historian/Narrator, Not Dead Fred, French Guard, Minstrel, Prince Herbert - Paul Bott

Sir Not Appearing - Jeff Nelson

Sir Bors - Forrest Goddard

Dancing Monk, Dennis' Mother - Tom Loeprich

Dancing Nun - Jennifer Jackson

The Lady of the Lake/ Guinevere - Brenda Lindley

Ensemble:  Mark Goddard, Forest Godard, Tom Leoprich, Tristan Harwell, Jennifer Jackson, Jesse Rego, Karen Wolfe, Nicole Berry, Carrie Liebrich, Shirley Woods, Jan Le Pouvoir

Please note, there may be some changes to roles based on director's discretion.