Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Congrats to the Snow White Cast!

Better Late than never!  We are so excited to be working with so many talented people.  See you in July for rehearsals!

Snow White - Isabella Mini
Queen Bragomar - Michelle Harwell
Witch Hex - Karen Wolfe
Peddler Woman- Alicia Murry
Madam Dandiprat - Kathleen Mini
Berthold - TBA
Prince Florimond - Steve Kliner
Val, page - Conner Granger
Vivian, page - Luke Rogers

Maids of Honor
Tori Johnston
Samantha Eden
Jesse Rego
Anna Salvestrin
Samantha Garaygay
Charlee Dodson
Grace Harrison
Meg Dockter

Seven Dwarfs
Charlize Garaygay
Taryn Harwell
Sophia Garaygay
Will Evans
Grace Salvestrin
Lily Cope
Bittie Slaven

Witch Hex's Cats
Trinity Harwell
Tessa Bush
Alicia Kientz

Rylie Coble
Mattea Frost