Thursday, February 20, 2014

Unique Opportunity at California Musical Theater


Audition for the opportunity to be the eyes of many who are blind or visually impaired in the Sacramento area.  Successful candidates will train for the opportunity to describe productions for both the Broadway Sacramento season and the Music Circus! 

AudioVision, Inc, a recognized pioneer in the field of audio description, will conduct the training on our behalf.  It is aimed at actors and others who wish to learn audio description; the art of describing visual media, theater performances and art exhibits to the blind and visually impaired for work in Sacramento.

The ideal candidate will have excellent spoken and written English language skills, outstanding vocabulary, clear enunciation and articulation, and the ability to observe, write, and think objectively.

The training will be held at the offices of California Musical Theater, 1510 J Street, Ste 200, Sacramento, CA 95814 during the week-end of March 22 and 23.  Cost is $100 for the two day training.  Those successfully completing the training will be employed describing productions in both the Broadway Sacramento season and the Summer Music Circus productions. The California Musical Theatre audio description program is on-going.  All materials and equipment are supplied.

Please complete a California Musical Theatre employment application on our website at  For more information regarding audition preparations and requirements, please contact Barbara Haig at 916-446-5880 ex 147 or