Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Cantare Chorale holding auditions

If you enjoy singing and want to further develop your vocal talent, now’s the perfect time to join the local choral group Cantare Chorale of the Sierra Foothills.  Cantare is excited to announce auditions for its spring season.
The 70th anniversary of the Normandy Invasion is fast approaching and Cantare members plan to honor the United States’ soldiers by singing songs that acknowledge and remember those who have given their lives to make the world more safe and secure.

Most of the group’s musical selections this season will focus on American patriotism and love of country and will express thanks to the “Greatest Generation” who served during World War II, as well as those who have followed in their steps.

While lifting your voice in song can be a way to honor others, it can also “boost your immune system and sense of well-being, while reducing stress and pain and even prolong your life,” according to Suzanne Hanser, chair of the music therapy department at Berklee College of Music. “When we sing instead of speak, we have intonation, melody line and crescendo, which gives us a broader vocabulary to express ourselves,” she said in a recent SixWise.com article.

Cantare Chorale encourages and supports the enjoyment of music in the lives of the citizens of El Dorado County. The group invites all voices — soprano, alto, tenor and bass — to try out and support the development of your vocal talents so that the entire community can benefit.
Auditions have begun and all who wish to try out are encouraged to visit the Cantare Website to see how this non-profit group engages with El Dorado County and Sierra Foothills communities.
Check out cantarechorale.com or call 530-677-6964 for information and to schedule an audition.