Saturday, December 22, 2012

Additional Les Mis Audition Information

Are you thinking about auditioning for the show but don’t know where you would fit in?

It is only natural that many actors see themselves in the signature roles of Javert, Valjean, Marius, Cosette, Eponine, Enjolras, or Fantine. You may be thinking that if you don’t easily fit into one of these lead roles that there is not a place for you in the show. Here is information that may help you decide whether or not you wish to audition.

Remember that the show is a complete “sing through.” There is no spoken dialog. The cast of Les Miserables will be living in an alternate universe where singing is the primary means of vocal communication rather than speech. The show is not a typical musical where the characters speak between musical numbers as a lead-in to the musical numbers. In Les Miserables everyone the audience sees will be singing… advancing the plot lines in song with characterization, blocking, business, and movement. This type of staging will be challenging yet provides an opportunity to push creative and performance boundaries. Every role will be demanding and require full character development.

To be more specific…

1. Adult Male Ensemble Roles.

Many of the male roles will be doubled.

There are named roles including The Bishop, two Policemen, Grantaire (a rebel student who drinks often), Bamatabois (gentleman who attempts to purchase Fantine’s services), Fauchelevant (falls under a cart), Champmathieu (falsely arrested as Valjean), Brujon (a member of Thenardier’s gang), Claquesous (another Thenardier gang member), Montparnasse (younger member of Thenardier’s gang), Combeferre (a philosopher student), Feuilly (working-class member of the student revolt), Coufeyrac (a friendly student), Joly (a medical student), Jean Prouvaire (youngest member of the students), and Lesgles (second in command of the students).

Other male ensemble roles include the chain gang, unemployed workers, factory workers, members of Thenardier’s gang, street beggars, the rebellious students, citizens of Paris (seeking the “pleasures” of the night), customers at Thenardier’s Inn, and wedding guests.

2. Adult Female Ensemble Roles.

Many of the female roles will be doubled.
Roles include ladies of the night, street beggars, citizens of Paris, customers at Thenardier’s Inn, and wedding guests.

3. Teenage Girls.

Roles include street beggars, members of citizen families, helpers for the student rebels. Some will be ladies of the night.

4. Teenage Boys.

Roles include street beggars, members of citizen families, helpers for the student rebels.

5. Boys and Girls. Age 7-12. (Other than Young Cosette, Young Epoinine, and Garvroche)

Roles include street beggars, helpers for the student rebels, members of citizen families.

A few words about the “adult nature” of the show. Even though there are dark moments in the show that deal with abuse, violence, the hardships of life on the streets, abandonment, and despair, we will still present Les Miserables with our usual commitment to the physical and emotional safety and respect of the show’s participants. Violent and suggestive situations on stage will be handled with appropriate discretion.

You can see that there are many roles to be filled to be able to perform Les Miserables with the richness, and “reverence” that this legendary production requires.

It is quite probable that Les Miserables will only be available for performance by community theaters for a very short time before it is again restricted. For most of us, irrespective of our age, this is the only opportunity we are likely to have to be part of this epic show, the most successful musical of all time.

We suggest that you not limit your aspirations to the lead roles only and commit yourself to being part of the show- no matter what role you play. We are certain that come opening night you will be happy and grateful to be part of the cast of Les Miserables at Imagination Theater. We hope to see you at auditions!

Peter Wolfe, Director
Lanny Langston, Producer