Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Little Princess is cast!

Congratulations to all who auditioned for our holiday production,  A Little Princess.   We are still looking to cast Mr. Carmichael (adult male).  If this is of interest to you, please contact Lanny Langston at 530-903-6361.  Also, don't miss our upcoming audition on April 21 for The Secret Garden (The Musical).

Trinity Harwell (Sara Crew)

Pupils: Ermengarde, Lottie, Alice, Jessie, Lavinia, Becky

Gwen Lacher
Elani Callos
Rylie Coble
Grace Salvestrin
Sloane Martin
Angie Lyman

Anna Repetto
Taryn Harwell
Erina Briden
Samantha Garaygay
Mikayla Waldron
Anna Salvestrin
Charlize Garaygay
Kol Chaiken
Meg Dockter
Emma Sanguinetti
Sofia Garaygay
Kelsi Havercroft
Grace Harrison
Gigi Knochenhauer

Dale Wallerstein (Ms. Minchin)
Tori Kientz (Ms. Amelia)
Karen Wolfe (Cook)
Dave Sterkin (Mr. Barrow)
Barbara Garaygay (Mrs. Carmichael)
Holly Salvestrin (Perky Perkins)
Bob Steele (Ram)
Haley Clark (Maid)
Mr. Carmichael - To be filled
John Sanguinetti (Mr. Carrisford)