Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Father of the Bride Cast - Congratulations!

Mr. Banks
Dennis Murry

Mrs. Banks
Kathleen Mini

Kay Banks
Michelle Mansour

Ben Banks
Casey Elis

Tommy Banks
Gavin Sellers

Youngest Banks Sister
Samantha Garaygay

David Taylor

Peggy Swift
Danelle Aros

Delilah, the maid
Cynthia Flaherty

Ms. Bellamy
Michelle Harwell

Ms. Pulitzki
Darcy Hall

Buzz Taylor
Austin Bell

Ms. Massoula
Matti Mackenzie

Martin Sherin

Asst. Seamstress
Sarah Bennett

Furniture Movers
Gwen Lacher
Beth Howard
Diana Erickson

Auditions were held in April. The show opens in September. Tickets go on sale in Mid-May.