Saturday, January 29, 2011

Interview with Charlotte's Web Director, Bradley Cameron

So Bradley, how long have you been involved with Imagination Theater(IT)?
I have been with IT for about 5 years starting with Peter Pan. Since that time I have been in 12 shows--10 at Imagination Theater.

What are some of your more memorable roles?
I enjoyed playing Dr. Carassco in Man of La Mancha, the Scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz, and Theodore Lawrence III in Little Women.

What moved you from the stage to the director's chair?
I wanted to use my some of my creative abilities and visions to a show as much as I have with acting. I would randomly get creative ideas about shows and were able to direct my fellow cast members in characters and be taught by them, and I wanted to direct to really see if I could do it.

What about Charlotte's Web appeals to you?
Charlotte's Web is a moving story of great and true friendship in spite of all differences. The fact that this show is widely loved (for obvious reasons) and the rarety of its showings make it a terrific choice!

What has been the biggest challenge directing this show?
The biggest challenge has been juggling the other off-chair aspects of directing with the actual “direction” aspect of directing. Having to make schedules, run rehearsals, get stage and light people together, develop a poster, aid in designing the set, and make costume decisions while being "artistic" with the stage side is quite a challenge.

What has been the most enjoyable part of directing this show?
It is exciting to develop people into their characters and help make them believable and loveable--then stepping back and watching them make the characters their own.

Why should someone come and see Charlotte's Web?
This show is a story for children with lessons for the entire family. The actors tell this story with such life and energy! Also, the efforts of Peter, Karen, Lanny, Kevin Pratt, Dave Patrick, Danielle Badger (Assistant Director), and Haley Clark (Costumes) have helped frame these talents and the actors impressive efforts to tell this moving story.

Will you continue to direct?
I may continue, it has been such a learning experience. I enjoy acting more than directing I've discovered, but directing is still a hobby. I would more than love to dabble in it now and again.

Are you planning to continue acting in college?
Yes, I plan to audition, sing, and perform in choirs in college. Being a music minor, I could not see my college life being complete without a healthy dose of theater either. It’s part of who I am now--and I don't think I’d be able to get rid of it, even if I tried.